Module 1 Footnotes

   1 Legal definition for this term is included in Title 5 Section 15.002 Definitions.

   2 The Cape Cod Cooperative Extension has produced a booklet describing these measures entitled "Your Septic System" that may be obtained from them.

   3 15.231 Construction in Velocity Zones and Floodways (1) No septic tank or humus/composting toilet shall be constructed in a velocity zone on a coastal beach, barrier beach, or dune, or in a regulatory floodway, except a septic tank that replaces a tank in existence on the site as of March 31, 1995 that has been damaged, removed, or destroyed, where the placement of the tank outside the velocity zone or regulatory floodway, either horizontally or vertically, is not feasible. Where reconstruction of a system in existence on March 31, 1995 occurs, or reconstruction of a building or buildings is allowed in accordance with the wetlands protection act 310 CMR 10.00, it shall be presumed to be feasible to elevate the tank if the building is elevated above the velocity zone or regulatory floodway. Author's note: This means a 500 gallon tank could be mounted under the house- above ground as was done in Mattapoissett.

   4 Section 15.351: System Pumping and Routine Maintenence (2) Grease traps shall be inspected monthly and shall be cleaned by a licensed septage hauler whenever the level of grease is 25% of the effective depth of the trap, or at least every three months, whichever is sooner.