Module 5 Footnotes

   1 See pages 9 and 10 of Module 4 for explanation of manifest injustice as it relates to new construction.

   2 The Board of Health is allowed to implement local increases to the setback requirements of a leaching facility to a drinking water well under 310 CMR 15.003(1) which states that "specific site or design conditions, however, may require that additional criteria be met in order to achieve the purpose and/or intent of 310 CMR 15.000."

   3 Determining groundwater flow direction usually requires the installation of three wells so that groundwater level in each can be measured, triangulated, and the direction of flow established. The installation of three monitoring wells typically costs about $1000.00.

   4 A disinfection with no harmful by-products (i.e. ultraviolet light disinfection). Chlorination, which is commonly used to disinfect wastewater in municipal systems is unacceptable in situations near drinking water resources due to the chemical (trihalomethane) residuals it produces.

   5 See 310 CMR 15.303 for complete listing of failure criteria.

   6 What constitutes a nitrogen impacted well? Any well that is consistently showing nitrate levels above 3 mg/L nitrate may be considered nitrogen impacted. Wells that are occasionally showing levels of 3 mg/L or for which historical water quality data are clearly showing a trend toward increasing levels of nitrate should also be viewed with concern