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Module 1 - Introduction to Components of a Title 5 System and Their Function.

Module 2 - Title 5 Setbacks and Separations - What Every Board of Health Should Know

Module 3 - Horizontal Setbacks in Title 5

Module 4 - Conducting a Title 5 Variance Hearing

Module 5- The Variance Hearing (Part 2)

Module 6 - Alternative Septic Systems Considerations for Boards of Health

Appendix 1 - Bacteria and Virus Survival and Transport in Soil and Groundwater (An Annotated Bibliography)

Relevant Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Regulations

Department of Environmental Protection Publications

Publication Disclaimer

310 CMR 10.00 Regulations for the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act Revised Pursuant to the River Protections Act. July, 1997.

310 CMR 15.000  Regulations for the Massachusetts Title 5 Environmental Code (revised as of 12/27/96) governing the siting, construction, inspection and maintenance of septic systems.

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